2017-2018 SWEP Membership

Please become a member of SWEP Capital Chapter.

SWEP Capital Chapter maintains the philosophy that you can be as involved (or not involved) as it suits you.  We are all busy, but please consider the social and professional opportunities available to SWEP members.

Benefits of membership:

  • Complimentary lunch at Lunch and Learn events
  • First-to-know invitations to special events, tours and programs
  • Opportunity to be a SWEP officer, contribute to the organization and gain leadership experience.
  • Special access to job opportunities and notices posted on the SWEP mailing list and Members Only section of this site.
  • Represent SWEP at the annual conference and special events.

Membership is $50 for the year, $35 if you attend the Annual Making Environmental Connections Conference. Complete and mail in the Membership form.  Thank you for your interest in our organization! Hope to see you soon.

SWEP Annual Membership Form- April 2017 -March 2018

5 thoughts on “2017-2018 SWEP Membership”

  1. I am a current student member but will be renewing as a professional. Will you send a reminder for renewal? Thanks in advance!

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