2017 SWEP Capital Chapter Officers are:

Sara Blascovich, Chair
Diane Wilson, Vice Chair
Shelby Freyermuth, Secretary
Amy Williams, Treasurer


Stephanie Evans, Newsletter/Website Chair
Namita Sinha, Marketing/Public Relations Chair
Laura Cohen, Program Committee Chair

VACANT Mentoring/Public Service Chair

Board of Directors:

Kimberly Childe, Director Emeritus
Rhonda Manning, Director Emeritus
Denise Brinley, Director Emeritus

3 thoughts on “Officers”

  1. I have recently moved to Lewisburg, PA from Philly where I was very active on the NJ and Greater Phila SWEP Boards. I am currently looking for employment including at the PADEP (I worked for 12 years at the NJDEP). If any of your Board or other members is willing to chat with me about opportunities and ideas in this region, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you.

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